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You Can Earn With Forex Reabte

MoneyBackFX is a trusted forex rebate provider of popular & regulated brokers.

Earnings will very much depend on the rebate rate of your broker, the instruments you trade as well as the volume of your trades. Use the calculator to roughly estimate your earnings.

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Earn Extra Cash Per Trade

As our client, you earn extra cash per trade, making trading through us more profitable than opening direct with the broker.


Resolve Issues Faster with Broker

Due to our unique relationship with many brokers, we have often mediated between brokers and clients to successfully resolve client issues.


24/7 Support Team

Our knowledgeable support team is available 24 hours per day in 8 native languages & 23 total languages for any questions.

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For Choosing Us

25 Regulated Partner Brokers

We only work with popular, regulated, and trusted brokers having a good market reputation so that your funds are safe.

Highest Cashback Forex Rate

The highest forex rebate rates for some brokers reaches 80% of the IB commission without markup spread or changing trading conditions on our partner brokers.

Rebate Payment Systems

Enjoy flexible payment systems including wire transfer and popular e-currency such as Neteller, Skrill , Perfect Money and PayPal.

Reliable & Experienced Support

Our experienced and reliable support team is always there to help and guide you 24/7.

What Are

Forex Rebates

Forex rebates are a portion of the transaction cost that is paid back to the client on each trade, resulting in a lower spread and improved win ratio. For example, if your rebate is .2 pips and the spread is .9 pips, then your net spread is only .7 pips.


Simply Link Your New Or Existing Forex Trading Account To Us & Get Started

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Get Paid Every Time On Closing A Trade Whether You Win or Lose.

Get Paid

We Pay Back Only Through Reliable & Secure Payment Systems.


Does it work

When you link a new or existing forex trading account to us, the broker pays us part of their spread or commission profit for every trade you make as compensation for referring a customer to them. We then share the majority of our revenue with you, paying you a cash rebate for each trade you make as thank you for signing up with us.

Keep in mind that your trading conditions (including spreads) remain exactly the same as if you had opened the account directly with the broker, so in effect, you're reducing trading costs and improving profitability.

3 Steps

To Get Rebates



  Sign Up | Takes 10 Seconds  

To get money back/rebate you have to first sign up for a free account.



  Link Your Account  

Just link your forex trading account to start receiving rebates.



  Earn Cash Back of Every Trade  

Receive money back from every trade whether you lose or win in a trade.


Customers Are Saying

Hey guys, Gary here. Moneyback Fx is the best rebate service available in the market. If you are a full-time retail trader like me, then you already know that the broker charges you for each trade. So what can be a more win-win situation than getting some of that money back? Now it might seem to you like a little money but it all adds up in the long run! So if you are into some serious trading like me, I will recommend you to give MoneyBack Fx a try.


Get $10 for signup & receive money back for every trade- well it's not heaven, Its Moneyback FX ! I came to know about forex rebate very recently and decided to give MoneyBack FX a try. Now I know this sounds too good to be true but I got money back for every trade- whether I won or lost. In my opinion, MoneyBack FX is a good way to earn, while you’re still learning to trade. It's like receiving some cash back at the end of every month even if I do not make money trading.



We Pay You

We have partnership with almost all top brokers of the market. But the rebate payment method varies from one broker to another. Here’s what we offer depending on our selected broker:

Monthly cash back

Payments are credited and sent automatically by the 12 of the month following the month rebates are earned in.

Spread or commission reduction

The trader actually receives reduced commissions and/or spreads. This is an exciting option offered by some of our top brokers.

Paid direct to brokerage account

Cashback is credited directly to the trader’s brokerage account, typically between 1-7 days after the trade is closed. This is another exciting option offered by some of our top brokers including HF Markets, Instaforex, Pepperstone, and XM.

In the case of the ‘Monthly cash back’ rebate option, monthly payments can be paid via bank wire, Paypal, Skrill, Sticpay, Entropay, China Unionpay, and Neteller. Some payment methods such as bank wire carries fees and often traders set a custom minimum payment amount in order to accumulate rebates and withdraw their rebates less often than monthly.


Supported Brokers


Rebates: $8 per lot


Rebates: $3.5 per lot


Rebates: $10 per lot


Rebates: 25% of spread


Rebates: $4 per lot


Rebates: $3.5 per lot


Rebates: $2.5 per lot


Rebates: 12% of spread


Rebates: 18% of spread


We Are

Around The World

Explore our top-notch service from any corner of the world. MoneyBackFx operates around the world and currently have active clients from more than 80+ countries.

Withdrawal options

We offers 5 payment options for your comfort. Choose your own and get fast withdrawals of your cashback in some clicks

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